Treatment of TMJD

Many people suffer from Temperomandibular Joint Disorder. This can be due to a variety of causes, but often is caused from clenching or grinding. Treatment for this disorder often includes wearing an occlusal splint (nightguard). We offer several types of occlusal splints . We will diagnose the problem and make recommendations for treatment.


The initial goals are to relieve the muscle spasm and joint pain. This is usually accomplished by taking an anti-inflammatory along with muscle relaxant, and wearing an occlusal splint. Self-care treatments can often be effective and include:

  • Resting your jaw
  • Keeping your teeth apart when you are not swallowing or eating
  • Eating soft foods
  • Applying ice and heat
  • Exercising your jaw
  • Practicing good posture

An occlusal splint or nightguard fits over your top or bottom teeth and helps keep your teeth apart, thereby relaxing the muscles and reducing pain. There are different types of appliances used for different purposes. A nightguard helps you stop clenching or grinding your teeth, reduces muscle tension at night and helps to protect the cartilage and joint surfaces.