29We create superior dentures and partials for patients that are missing some of their teeth or are fully edentulous. We provide custom-fit appliances, and we will stick with you through try-on and check-up visits until you are satisfied with your new dentures.

We also offer immediate dentures and partials, where the patient receives the appliance on the same day that the teeth are extracted. We use exceptional laboratories to fabricate the appliances and take great care to give the patient the very best appliance possible. We want our patients to be able to eat well, speak confidently and smile beautifully.

Both our traditional and implant-supported dentures are high-quality and custom-made. They can both come in partial or full options, depending on how many of your teeth require replacement.

Traditional Dentures

Our carefully crafted traditional veneers provide comfortable support. They will allow you to transform your smile at an affordable cost.

Full dentures are held in place by a pink plastic base, which forms a seal with the gums. Partial dentures are attached to the teeth on either side of a gap. Traditional dentures can be removed at any time, for cleaning or for pure convenience.

Some of the benefits of our traditional dentures include:

  • High-quality acrylic base and beautiful replacement teeth.
  • Stable, pain-free fit and support.
  • Restoring the natural arrangement and look of your teeth.
  • Regaining your ability to speak and smile with ease.

30Implant Supported Dentures

We also provide the more innovative version of traditional dentures — known as implant-supported dentures — at a great value. Implant-supported dentures will guarantee you a seamless fit and a replacement smile that never shifts or moves. These permanent dentures are held in place 24/7 by titanium rods that are placed inside the jawbone.

In addition to offering the gorgeous appearance and enriched confidence that traditional dentures provide, implant-supported dentures also provide stimulation to the jawbone. This jawbone stimulation will fortify your smile against jawbone deterioration and the appearance of early aging.

Dental implant dentures can make your smile more beautiful and functional than you thought it ever could be again!

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