stock20With our advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can help any patient achieve a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile. Cosmetic dentistry can change your life by increasing your confidence, happiness, and health. Patients who love their smiles tend to smile more often, and this positivity can translate into greater success in a patient’s personal and professional life.

We offer many cosmetic dentistry services including composite bonding, enamel contouring, fillings, flippers, and more!

Composite Bonding | Composite bonding is used to repair chipped, discolored or rotated teeth. It is also used to close small gaps between teeth. Both doctors have extensive experience in the sculpting, shaping, and polishing of composite resin on the teeth for excellent cosmetic results.

Depending on the situation, a person may be a candidate for dental bonding or the desired cosmetic result may need more extensive treatment, such as veneers or crowns. After a consultation and examination is done, the proper treatment will be recommended.

Enamel Contouring | Enamel contouring is typically recommended for patients whose anterior teeth have chips or jagged edges. A small disc is used on a low-speed handpiece to smooth down the rough edges or correct unevenness of the front teeth.

Fillings | All of the fillings that we do here at Harris Family Dentistry are composite resin (white fillings). Modern dentistry has combined beauty and strength with composite resin. With our composite resins, we take pride in restoring teeth to as close to their original strength and appearance. We believe that the composite filling material is superior to amalgam in many ways, as well as being much more esthetic.

7Preventive resin restorations require minimal tooth preparation of the deep fissure and pits or the need to remove incipient decay or for areas with developmental defects.

Often, we are able to forgo anesthesia and use micro-abrasion to clean out the grooves of the teeth. Micro-abrasion uses an aluminum oxide powder to “spray” out any stain that may be present in the grooves. Stains in the grooves of teeth are made up of bacteria that can, and often does, turn into decay if left untreated.

The prepared area is then filled with a composite resin. Once hardened, you enjoy a restored smile!

Flippers | A flipper is a temporary partial that is often made to replace a tooth or several teeth. A flipper is made out of acrylic, and it does not have a metal frame. It is not nearly as durable or precisely fitted as a permanent partial, and it is primarily used as a temporary, less expensive way to replace missing teeth.

A flipper is meant to be used as an interim partial until a more permanent appliance can be made.

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