2Have you been avoiding the dental chair? You’re not alone. Up to 20% of Americans are shying away from their next visits due to a fear of dental discomfort or pain.

If you are suffering from dental anxiety, your health may be suffering, too. Even if you are brushing and flossing consistently at home, regular dental visits are key to ensuring a smile free from dental decay and disease. Fortunately, there’s no need to stress about your oral health any longer if you know a qualified sedation dentist.

Doctors Wendy and Craig Harris are trained and certified to administer calming laughing gas and oral sedation to their dental patients. You may be surprised how different your dental experience can be when you utilize sedation dentistry.

While patients can remain awake and aware throughout their procedures while sedated, they will notice a significant increase in their comfort levels when they use dental sedation. Our patients enjoy pain-free and worry-free visits when they ask for laughing gas or oral conscious sedation.

Laughing Gas

10Laughing gas is referred to as such because of the mild state of euphoria that it can produce. This gas is inhaled through the nose during the appointment time. A breathing mask will be placed over the face, leaving the teeth and mouth exposed. Laughing gas will readily relax you and produce that happy feeling that will make your procedure enjoyable.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a simple process that requires the patient to take a prescription medication. First, you should see one of our doctors for a consultation to determine which medication and dosage will serve you best. You will take the pill shortly before your procedure, and you will experience a sense of relaxation and peace during your appointment.

Have a Relaxed Dental Appointment at Harris Family Dentistry

Our sedation methods are proven to be safe and effective, resulting in appointments that feel faster and more comfortable for any patient. We can make your dental experience better together! Contact us at Harris Family Dentistry today!