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Dentures are false teeth that are made to replace teeth for a patient who has lost all of their teeth. If a patient goes with out any teeth in their mouth, there face can look shorter and their facial muscles begin to sag. Speech and mastication (chewing) can also become a challenge for a patient with no teeth.

We make “Premium” quality dentures here at Harris Family Dentistry, which means they are made of the strongest and most esthetic materials available for denture fabrication. We do not offer “Economy” quality dentures.

A denture can be made one of two ways. The traditional method is preferable. This is when the patient has had their teeth extracted and has healed for 4-6 weeks before the impressions are taken for the construction of the denture. This method involves having several “try-in” appointments. At these appointments, we take measurements, try in the teeth, and make as many changes necessary, until the patient is satisfied. We will make these changes, as many times as necessary for the patient to be happy before the denture is processed and delivered. With this method, anything can be changed before processing, including the shape, size, color, and placement of the teeth. The only negative aspect to this method is that the patient has to go without teeth for anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks (4 to 6 weeks of healing and 4 to 6 weeks to make the denture).

Since most people are unable to go without teeth for the amount of time that it takes to make a traditional denture, we also offer “Immediate” dentures. With this method, impressions are made of the mouth, a few weeks before the teeth are extracted. The denture is processed at the lab and sent back to us to be delivered on the same day as the patient’s extractions. The negative aspect to this method is that we are unable to perform any “try-ins”, which means we cannot make any changes to the esthetics of the denture. The shape, size, color and placement of the teeth can not be changed, once the denture has been made. A reline is included in the price of an immediate denture, which we typically do six months to one year after it’s been delivered to the patient. When you have an immediate denture, your gums and bone will shrink over about 6 months to a year. As this happens, the fitting of the denture will become less and less ideal, possibly causing the denture to “rock” or become “loose” in the patient’s mouth. A soft reline is also included in the price of the immediate denture, to help get you through the transition time, while you are healing. The soft reline is rubbery and can tear easily and eventually will deteriorate and can be difficult to clean. It is not durable enough to be used long term.