All of the fillings that we do here at Harris Family Dentistry are composite resin (white fillings). Modern dentistry has combined beauty and strength with composite resin. We take pride in restoring teeth to as close to their original strength and appearance with composite resins. We believe that the composite filling material is superior to amalgam in many ways, as well as being much more esthetic.

Preventive resin restorations require minimal tooth preparation of the deep fissure and pits or the need to remove incipient decay or for areas with developmental defects. Often, we are able to use no anesthesia and Micro-abrasion to clean out the grooves of the teeth. Micro-abrasion uses an Aluminum Oxide powder to “spray” out any stain that may be present in the grooves. Stain in the grooves of teeth is made up of bacteria that can, and often does, turn into decay if left untreated. The prepared area is then filled with a composite resin.