Crowns are typically placed on teeth when the cavity, old filling or broken area of the tooth is too large to repair with a filling. Crowns are also placed to protect a tooth after a root canal treatment has been done. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, and different situations dictate the type of material used. Our lab technician works closely with the doctors to provide an excellent result, esthetically and functionally. We take great pride in our work placed in your mouth. The ultimate goal is for the crown to look and feel like a natural, healthy tooth.

Bridges are fixed, or non-removable prostheses constructed to replace one or more missing teeth. The teeth on either side of the existing space are used to anchor the bridge to restore functionality as well as esthetics. We construct beautiful porcelain fused to metal bridges as well as porcelain fused to zirconia bridges to produce the most esthetic, functional and long lasting results as possible.